Keesler Air Force Base

Biloxi, Mississippi


I was stationed at Keesler Air Force Base from 1955 - 1956 and assigned to Base Finance, 3380th Headquarters Sq., Technical Training Wing. Major A. H. Schafer was the Finance Officer. The training received at the Keesler AFB Finance Office led to a long and rewarding career in military pay.

The very first plane ride in my life was on 27 January 1956 in a converted bomber (possible a B-24/29) flown from Keesler to Denver, delivering 19,000 closed-out military pay records to the Air Force Finance Center. At that time regulations required that closed pay records (closed every six months) sent to Denver be accompanied by two people from the finance office. Myself and S/Sgt Bobby M. Huddleston were given TDY orders to accomplished this mission. What an exciting ride!

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Ken Brown in front of Keesler AFB entrance sign This is a picture of me standing in front of Keesler AFB entrance sign from the waterfront area.
Ken Brown with barracks are in the background I was assigned to this squadron while stationed at Keesler AFB. The barracks are in the background.
Stanley Herring Jr. from Sandy Hook, Mississippi My best friend and roommate. Stanley Herring Jr. from Sandy Hook, Mississippi. I spent several week ends with him at his parents home in Sandy Hook.
Ken Brown with barracks in the background Barracks in the background, My room is on the right, 2nd floor. 3380th Orderly Room is on the left.
Ken Brown Another shot of the barracks. The Day Room windows are visible on the right.
Stanley Herring Jr. on the waterfront

Stanley Herring Jr. on the waterfront.
Ken Brown standing in front of the White House Pier Standing in front of the White House Pier.
Ken on the pier Standing on the pier area.
Ken with Bill Haley curl Remember the fifties when Elvis Presley started the "Duck Tail" hair thing. It was prohibited in the military, but a front curl like Bill Haley's was okay.
Ken on Biloxi pier Biloxi pier area
Stanley Herring Jr Stanley Herring Jr., Sandy Hook, MS
John R. Mott, Springfield, MA John R. Mott, Springfield, MA

Barracks in the background.
Keesler AFB airfield Keesler AFB airfield
On the beach in Biloxi With a friend on the beach in Biloxi.
Stanley on base in Japan When I was transferred to England in 1956, my best friend Stanley, was later transferred to Japan. This is a picture of him at his base in Japan.
Stanley on base in Japan Another picture of Stanley on base in Japan.

Update 03/12/02: Since posting this site. I've made contact after 46 years. It was really great talking with him.

Thanks to Bob Green, another Alconburian, for his assistance in locating Stanley.

The following photos are from Bob Green's collection.

The old entrance to Keesler Field The old entrance sign to Keesler Field.
Gate to Keesler AFB Gate to Keesler.
Main entrance to Keesler AFB Main entrance to Keesler.
Airman's Club Airmen's Club
Elvis Presley performed here on June 27-28 and November 7-8 in 1955 while I was stationed at Keesler AFB. He also made other appearances in Biloxi.
3388th Student Squadron in the 50's 3388th Student Squadron in the 50's.
Processing center in the 1940's Processing center in the 1940's.
3388th Student Squadron barracks area 3388th Student Squadron barracks area.
Pines at barracks area From the barracks area. These pines were between "Chow Hall Row" and the Base Hospital.
Enlisted swimming pool Enlisted swimming pool.
Morning physical fitness Morning physical fitness.
Students marching Students marching.
Sailors marching in 1956
Sailors marching in 1956. I don't recall seeing any sailors while I was there, other than those stationed at Gulfport.
Downtown Biloxi Downtown Biloxi. I'm not sure what date this picture was taken, but I remember it looking like this in 1955-56.

The following photos are various training classes held in Alan Hall, Curtis Hall, etc.
Training classes Training classes Training classes Training classes Training classes

Note: Thanks to Bob Green for providing these photos.