Lackland Air Force Base

San Antonio, Texas


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Ken 1954 Photo taken during basic training at Lackland AFB.
November 1954 - February 1955
Earlier days showing recruits arriving Earlier days showing recruits arriving. The Air Force was only seven years old when I passed through these gates.
Two story open bay barracks from earlier days Two story open bay barracks that were in use in the 40's & 50's and probably for several years later. I believe this unit was saved for historical purposes.
Arnold Hall in the 50's Arnold Hall in the 50's.
Base Chapel, early days Base Chapel, early days.
Drilling with the old barracks in the background Drilling with the old barracks in the background, as I remember.
Firing line I was on this firing line late 1954 and recall it was very cold.
Obstacle course Obstacle course.
Obstacle course More obstacle course.
WAF marching in 1949 WAF marching in 1949. From 1951-1961 the WAF had their own marching band and it's still performing today with all former members. U. S. WAF Band
Moving old barracks The Lackland that I remember from earlier days no longer exist.
New barracks This is the barracks in use today.
Arnold Hall today Arnold Hall today.
Parade ground flags Parade ground flags today.

Source: Photos from Bob's Greens collection and the web.