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These photos of "Doc" Piedmont are from NavSource Naval History by Gary P. Priolo, unless otherwise noted, and will give you a brief glimpse of the beginning and ending of this great ship. Notice I referred to the "Doc" Piedmont. I recall that during my time aboard, there was a picture of Walt Disney displayed since he designed the Piedmont's logo showing "Doc" of the seven dwarfs with a tool bag and repairing a DD. For this reason, the USS Piedmont was referred to as a "he" and the only ship in the navy to have this distinct honor. In my search, I could not find any information to confirmed this. I contacted the Naval Historical Foundation and received this reply from Mr. John Reilly:

"Mr. Brown, I have seen the PIEDMONT insignia you speak of. It shows "Doc" with his tool bag, furbishing a destroyer. PIEDMONT's historical source file, held by the Naval Historical Center, contains no reference to the use of "he." I have also looked at the collection of the Navy Department Library. This includes five cruise books from PIEDMONT, dated between 1960 and 1982 (her final book, produced on decommissioning). Books from 1960 and 1963 refer to PIEDMONT as "she." A book from 1968 has little to say beyond brief photo captions, and includes no text matter. Books from 1978 and 1982 use "he." This does not seem to have been formally recorded anywhere..."

I welcome contact from any shipmate who served onboard and has any information on the Piedmont being referred to as a "he" vice "she" ship.

UPDATE 09/07/2007:

I have a Welcome Aboard, USS Piedmont AD-17 pamphlet (Captain T. N. McNicholas, Jr. was Commanding Officer) probably issued in the early 1980's which states: "It is navy tradition to refer to ships of the fleet as "She". However, USS PIEDMONT is the only "He" ship in the Navy. Walt Disney Studios, nicknamed the ship "Doc" therefore making PIEDMONT a "He". Mr. Disney's artists drew a cartoon of the dwarf and to better fit the mental picture that they had of "Doc" PIEDMONT, they added a sailor hat and tools of the trade. "Doc" may still be seen on the after stack of USS PIEDMONT.

I am indebted to Laura M. Culafic for providing this "Welcome Aboard" pamphlet. Her grandfather served aboard "Doc" Piedmont during WWII and a friend mailed him this pamphlet along with decommissioning information in late 1982.

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USS Piedmont AD-17 patch Ship's logo patch as designed by Walt Disney.
USS Piedmont AD-17 1943 Dazzle camouflage scheme, 1943
Photo by Ray Zandier, ex crew member via Ken Zandier
USS Piedmont AD-17 in Sasabo 1955 USS Piedmont (AD-17) in Sasebo, Japan (circa 1955). Other ships are: Mason DD-862, Henderson DD-785, Mackenzie DD-836, Tucker DD-875, Rupertus DD-851, Rowan, DD-782, Gurke DD-783, Russell DD-414, Mayo DD-442, Sutherland DD-743
Source: Bill Kastens, USS Piedmont Reunion Group
USS Piedmont Ad-17 1959 San Diego, January 1959
Photo by Billy Caldwell, ex crew member
USS Piedmont AD-17 1975 Naples, Italy during the summer of 1975. Photo was taken from Stribling (DD-867)
Photo by Russ Hartley
US Piedmont AD-17 1966 Kaohsuing, Taiwan, 28 February 1966

Photo by © Richard Leonhardt
USS Piedmont AD-17 1976 Piedmont (AD-17) with Graham County (AGP-1176) and Mahan (DDG-42) alongside, Naples, June 1976
Photo by © Richard Leonhardt
USS Piedmont AD-17 decommission 1982 Piedmont's decommissioning crew, September 1982

Photo contributed by Walt Reasons
TCG Derya (EX USS Piedmont AD-17) at Mogadishu shore in 1994 TCG Derya (EX USS Piedmont AD-17) at Mogadishu shore in 1994.

Photo contributed by Ret. Sergeant Major Şenol ÖZALP, who served aboard from 1990-94